Greenheath Music Lessons

We are Vinnie & Nora, two qualified music educators living in SE London.

We offer music and instrumental lessons to enhance adults' & children's creativity, and to enrich their lives in the long-term in Greenwich and Blackheath.

We create a safe and fun environment for students to explore their creativity.

We are a member of the ISM & DBS checked.

Corona update June 2020: Currently all our lessons are held via Zoom or Skype.





What Our Students Say About Us

Who We Are

Guitars - Music Technology - Music Theory - Piano




'This is a record that you just couldn’t have heard five years ago. Stergin is completely in the now, in the moment trying to push the boundaries of what’s possible & what can be done.' - Tom Robinson, BBC6 Music

I’m a published composer, producer and performer. I have a bachelor’s degree in classical guitar, clarinet & music education from Mozarteum Conservatoire, Salzburg & a master’s degree in composition from Trinity College of Music, London. I have released & produced three studio albums, two EP’s, eight music videos & several tours.

Teaching music is an important part for me in my versatile career as a musician. It's the part where I can truly share my passion for music and creativity. I love to see my students grow as indivduals and also to learn new ideas, concepts from my students.

My last album 'Caramel Tony In Her Pleasuredome' was released on NAIM records. As a commercial artist I worked with several companies such as


If you want to find out more please check my artist website

Here are some videos of mine.

Drums - Percussion - Music for adults




I am a holistic artist, who uses teaching to combine my passions for the arts and working with people.

Not having learnt an instrument from an early age helps me understand how tricky it can be for people, especially adults, to start learning an instrument. Not just because we tend to be less patient when we get older, but we might also need to overcome insecurities or entrenched habits.

I have a bachelor’s degree in drums/percussion & music education from Mozarteum Conservatoire, Salzburg. Furthermore a master’s degree in Cinematography/Post Production/Filmmaking from University of Greenwich, a diploma in acting from New York Film Academy, and a CPD in Photography.

My résumé can be found here:

Guitar Lessons

No video can replace the value of learning an instrument with a teacher. Whether you are picking up a guitar, ukulele or bass for the first time or are an advanced player looking to break out of a rut and expand your capabilities, a dedicated teacher will help you to achieve your goals.

In our first lesson we’ll define what you want to achieve and then create a personal road map for you. You could learn:

  • electric guitar (pop rock)
  • classical guitar
  • acoustic guitar
  • bass guitar
  • ukulele

You could also decide that you or your child want to enter a formal grade. We work with the Trinity Laban & ABRSM exam boards (up to grade 8).


Drums & Percussion

Drums are fundamental instruments in every culture. It takes as little as tapping your fingers on a table to dive into the world of drums and rhythm. And you don’t necessarily need to know how to write music or need to know how to play the instrument-you can just hit it and it makes a sound. If you’d like to bring your finger tapping to the next level, you might consider the following:

  • snare drum
  • drum kit
  • percussion
  • marimba
  • rhythm lessons

Songwriting & Composing

Learn how to write a song.

In these lessons we’ll explore how songs are constructed from the first note to the finished song. You’ll learn about:

  • music theory
  • writing hooks
  • writing melodies
  • coming up with chord sequences
  • coming up with lyrical ideas
  • sources of inspiration


Music Technology

Learn how to record, arrange and mix music from beginning to end and all the steps in between.

Music Technology is a creative and innovative subject which arms you with the skills needed to arrange, compose, produce and record music. You will gain an understanding of a wide range of popular musical styles, and will learn how to use technology successfully in the field of contemporary popular music.

You’ll need to invest a tiny bit of money for a basic equipment for these lessons but I will guide you and suggest a basic set-up.


Music Theory

Have you always wondered how music is constructed. Understanding music theory means knowing the language of music. Music had existed for thousands of years before theory came along to explain what people were trying to accomplish innately by pounding on their drums.

In these lessons you’ll learn about:

  • music harmony
  • music notation
  • scales & intervals
  • reading music
  • rhythm
  • analysing melodies
  • ear-training
  • transcribing

and more!


Besides being a music teacher, Nora is also a trained actor. In the past couple of years she came up with her very own approach of engaging people with their own creativity using music or drama as a vehicle.

“As an actor/musician and photographer I love the combination of arts and working with people, that is why I created some special lessons for my students”, says Nora.

  • music/acting as a way of relaxation or getting to know yourself
  • music lessons in German
  • music for actors and acting for musicians
  • German pronunciation for opera singers and actors





Different reasons for having music lessons

In the past 10 years we taught music to hundreds of people from different backgrounds and walks of life. Here are some of our students' reasons for having lessons:

- the kid with anxiety issues
- the mother finding a hobby of her own
- the IT consultant having problems to switch off
- the investor aiming for more balance in his life
- the youngster wanting to become a professional musician
- the teenager working on her GCSEs & A-levels
- the boy eager to do grade exams
- the accountant finally pursuing his dream of playing the drums
- the pensioner spending his spare time learning new skills

It is always worth learning new skills, be it because you would like to challenge yourself, start a new hobby or finally want to start learning an instrument you always wanted to play.

Especially in today's hectic and fast moving lives - for adults and children alike - it is important to take time for yourself and learning a new skill is one option. Not just because it grounds you, but it also teaches you to be patient and how to overcome alleged obstacles.

Watch This TED-Ed Video on How Playing an Instrument changes your brain and makes you smarter:

Our Pricing Plans

We know that we all have different circumstances and we want to be as flexible as possible. We have a couple of lessons available for people who are eager to learn but are on a budget. If those are filled there is a waiting list. If you have any questions or suggestions regarding our fees please don't hesitate to contact us. Please note all our lessons are 45min.

  • £40

    single lesson

  • £190

    5 lesson block

  • £350

    10 lesson block

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Please contact us if you are interested in lessons or for any other requests using the form below or give us a call. The first lesson is FREE. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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